Our Micronational Community List On Twitter

"Why was I added to the list?"

Your account on twitter may have been selected and was added to our micronational community twitter list. This is because you may interact with the micronational community on twitter or are affiliated with micronationalism or are a notable affiliate of a micronation.

You don't even have to run a micronation to be added.

"What does it mean to be added?"

To be added to our micronational list is NOT endorsement, any form of micronational recognition or a justification for legitimacy; being added to the list unfortunately, doesn't make you special or notable.

"Why have a Twitter list?"

The Sohnland has a twitter list so we can keep track of events that occur within the micronational community without following literally hundreds of accounts. This list wasn't made with the inclination or intention of being a service for the micronational community, although following is optional.