Passports, ID cards and travelling abroad

ID cards

ID cards are necessity for non citizen residents to prove residency and identity. For citizens, an ID card may serve as an alternative method of proving age and Identity.

National ID Card

A card alternative to proving citizenship and identity

Resident Card

The ID card for only residents

Passport types and policy

  • Diplomatic Passports

These Special government documents are slightly bigger than a regular passport used by everyday people. These passports can function as wallets and card holders as well as having a professionally designed interior.

  • Civilian Passports

These are regular passports used by Sohnlandic citizens. They are like any other passpassport belonging to any other sovereign state.

Times our passports and ID cards have worked

  • Using ID to pay for goods and services

"I often carry my Sohnlandic ID card on me out of habit and on occaisions it was the only form of ID I had on me. I've used it to prove my identity in shops and at the university I go to." - Ethan S.

  • Using passports to cross real borders

"I recall when I wanted to see how people at customs would react when I handed them my Sohnlandic passport as well, it went worryingly well. I somehow got into Germany with a Sohnlandic passport at hand. They asked to see both my British and Sohnlandic passports and treated micronational documents as belonging to a sovereign state." - Ethan S.

Diplomatic Passport

Passports for government officials

Civilian Passport

Passports for regular citizens

Passport internal

What it looks like inside