My Dove of Burning Gold

Unlike the national anthem of The Sohnland, this is the anthem of the union of the cantons of The Sohnland (the geographical region) to form the 'Republic of The Sohnland'. There are two cantons that form the Republic of The Sohnland, Carnifron and The Sohnland as referring to the geographical region.


First Stanza

"My country begins in tenacious times,

Born upon England's land of green;"

▪︎Meaning: The Sohnland is founded with determination and a clinging to its identity and culture.

"And then there was the Land of Gold,

Where pigeons nestle high in the trees,"

▪︎Referencing the natural landscape of The Sohnland as pigeons nestle in the trees, and to the imense wealth, prosperity and glory The Sohnland promises.

"And did the sunset seem most divine,

Shine fourth your love upon our darkened hills."

▪︎Meaning: The sunset is referring to the legend about the foundation of The Sohnland, where a pigeon/dove is said to have flown over sunset on the day of our country's founding to symbolise that The Sohnlands's creation is of divine right and self determination, despite not being religious today.

"Why was The Sohnland builded here?

Admiring those dark gigantic hills."

▪︎Meaning: The gigantic hills referenced are interpreted as The Sohnland looking into the unknown future that lies ahead.

Second Stanza

"Release for me, my Dove of Burning Gold,

Free me my sparrows of desire."

▪︎Meaning: The Dove of Burning Gold is again referring to the legend about The Sohnland's founding about a pigeon/dove flying over the sunset and looking like it's made of gold. The Dove of Burning Gold is said to symbolise freedom in this context along with the sparrows.

"Free me from my memory,

O, it hurts forevermore."

"Redeem the charity of mine."

▪︎Meaning: This is referring to The Sohnland overcoming challenges and obstacles and leaving the past behind us.

"I will not cease my metallic might,

The triumph of my country is in my heart."

▪︎Meaning: This describes that despite everything that has gone wrong, our morale remains high for The Sohnland overcomes challenges with great achievement.

"When did those chains become so loose?"

"When we got freedom in The Sohnland!"

▪︎Meaning: This last line refers to the very idea of self determination and the national purposes of The Sohnland; We are a cause dedication to the equal representation of a common identity, culture and background of our own.