What does the flag mean?

The Sohnlandic-Juche flag represents two things; The Sohnlandic-Juche Party (SJP) and Sohnlandic-Juche, the ideology. The flag itself depicts a bird with it's wings out to make the radiant sun the main focus point for symbolism.

What does the flag mean?

Sohnlandic-Juche is the official state ideology of the Republic of The Sohnland. The ideology derives from the official state ideology of the DPRK which is Juche, hence the name Sohnlandic-Juche.

The Supreme Leader of The Sohnland has described the ideology as "The only way The Sohnland shall and will ever be run to chart our own independent course". Sohnlandic Juche postulates that the people of The Sohnland should be the writers of their own destiny and that they should treat other nations the same way they expect foreigners to treat The Sohnland; This means not interfering or influencing other nations and respecting other cultures for the same favour in return.

The national ideology incentivises the people of The Sohnland to stay vigilant of foreign powers, foreign intervention and their attempts to influence The Sohnland; Putting a big emphasis on becoming self reliant and self sufficient, and also on isolating from other nations to minimise the chances of conflict.

Sohnlandic Juche also postulates that The Sohnland should not trade or exchange assets or work with or for foreign powers as all it takes is efficient and effective hard work at home to improve their lives and the nation. In a nutshell, the ideology idealises that The Sohnland and its people can work hard to achieve its goals with foreign intervention. The Sohnland's official Ideology shares aspects and attributes with other ideologies such as isolationism, nationalism, patriotism, autocracy, technocracy and capitalism.

Sohnlandic-Juche prioritises the people first, and hence the laws in The Sohnland that protect free speech and discourage discrimination and the disparaging of anyone on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability and marital status.