Flag of The Sohnland

What Does it mean?

The flag of The Sohnland consists of a black stripe on top and a red stipe on the bottom, overlayed by a white cross with a shield depicting the Dove of Burning Gold.

The red on the flag represents strength, resilience and valiance.

The white cross on the flag represents honour and morality.

The black on the flag represents unity, justice and freedom.

The shield in the centre of the flag shows an illustration of the Dove of Burning Gold as a clear and obvious way to display of The Sohnland's divine right to sovereignty and self determination; Making The Sohnland's ambitions loud and clear.


What Flag Code Is

Flag code establishes advisory rules and customs on how to properly sell and manage flags. Improper flag code can be an offense in The Sohnland depending on the circumstances.

It is considered incorrect flag code in The Sohnland to:

Fold flags incorrectly by folding diagonally rather than folding vertically then horizontally.

Placing a flag or letting a flag touch the floor.

Flying the Sohnlandic flag below another flag on the same flag pole.

Flying Sohnlandic flags outside The Sohnland.

Here are serious examples of flag code misconduct:

Buying or selling fabric flags outside of Sohnlandic Jurisdiction.

Setting fire to a Sohnlandic flag or intentionally damaging one.

Stealing Sohnlandic flags.